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Engineering Services

Application and setting of protective relays for generation, transmission and distribution

  • Determine system performance requirements (speed, reliability, automatic reclosing, normal and emergency loads)
  • Assist with development of one line diagrams
  • Conduct fault studies
  • Check placing and ratings of current and voltage transformers and capacitor voltage transformers
  • Optimize new or refurbushed protection systems for existing equipment
  • Specify new protection systems for major equipment including generators, transformers, shunt or series capacitors, shunt reactors, busses, transmission lines, distribution feeders
  • Review designs for conformance with application requirements
  • Prepare and document settings calculations and settings files suitable for commissioning
  • Check Zone 3 settings and other loadability limitations

Application and design of special protection schemes (SPS)

  • In cooperation with system planners, develop SPS or remedial action schemes with correct reliability for the application
  • Meet North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) and regional council performance requirements
  • Wide area emergency controls
Disturbance analysis
  • Review SCADA logs, relay event reports sequence of events recorder, and disturbance recorder files
  • Analyze root cause of power system disturbances and blackouts
  • Recommend changes in protection design, operation or maintenance
Training in power system protection
  • Present standard training for technicians, engineers and non engineering professionals
  • Prepare and deliver customized training for special circumstances
  • Use specific examples from client's power system

Expert witness for power system disturbances

  • Review evidence and prepare reports
  • Explain technical concepts in layman's language
  • Provide expert witness services
Protection associated with generator interconnection
  • Review electric power system (EPS) owner's requirements
  • Act as generator owner's engineer
  • Transmission interconnections or distribution interconnections conforming with IEEE Standard 1547
Preparation and review of standards and guides
  • Review existing utility protection standards and guides for conformance with NERC requirements
  • Consider impact of modern technology
  • Update or prepare new or revised protection standards
Specify and direct application tests for new protective relays
  • Review manufacturers' specifications for conformity with users requirements
  • Identify unspecified responses for specific user applications
  • Scope and supervise type tests to identify performance capabilities

Business justification for protective relay system modernization and upgrade

  • Evaluate performance of existing protection systems
  • Evaluate costs and benefits of modernization or upgrade projects
  • Prepare or review business cases for owners and regulators

Contact us:

Charles (Charlie) Henville, P.Eng., M.Eng., FIEEE
Henville Consulting Inc.,

810 English Bluff Rd.,
Delta, British Columbia,
Canada V4M 2N5

phone: 604 943-5091
cell: 604 868-7359

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